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Jun 09, 2021
In Pit Boxes and Tools
I was given this box back in the 90s by a friend. We were racing at Neil's Wheels in Texas nearly every week and got to know each other. He had upgraded and offered this box to me. I don't remember if I traded him something for it, or if he just gave it to me. We started club racing in 2011 and I started seeing him at least once a month at the race meets. I had since acquired several boxes I liked, and felt I wanted to return this box to its original owner. He was delighted, and in shock said, you owned this box longer than I did! Nevertheless, the nostalgia of it was too irresistible and he happily took it back. I was equally pleased to see how happy he was to have it back. We raced on until his passing a few years ago. RIP Bill Gilmore...
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May 15, 2021
In Track Builds
My track is hewn from the finest granite from the deep forests of Brazil. It is fashioned after the original Aurora tub track, replicating its elevations and banks. The slots were scribed by hand, which required four years for me to complete to perfection. The track surface was then buffed to a medium gloss for the best tire adhesion, be it foam, rubber, urethane or silicone. When it came time to lay the rails, what else could out perform the continuity and sheer elegance of gold? It has survived wine tastings, New Year's champagne, and some mishaps involving my microbrewery. The true art of this track is the absence of noise. In solitude, I can hear every revolution of the armature as my car sails down the track. Occasionally, a random mosquito may disturb the bliss. After fifteen years, I have found it's durability is unquestionable, it's race-ability is impeccable, and it's charm is inescapable. The ladies love this course. (I have never played a video game). Even though the ballroom may be filled with the laughter of friends and dignitaries, I favor an almost silent surface. You see, in those quiet, intense repertoires that I so enjoy hearing the ensemble play, my track will not spoil the moment. ....Stay thirsty my friends.... .
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