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Tennessee Road Trip

Well, me and Big Al decided to go on a road trip...

So we decided to come HERE, to Hilltop Shop.

We took the tour of Jack Daniel's distillery on the way in, so I'm feelin kinda fuzzy.

This shop is equipped with the latest, a lot of stuff we didn't even know about. Behind me is an "extra" drag racing motor. Yes, I said an EXTRA. Heck, they've got satellite dishes on their tool boxes!! And I thought my jam box was fancy.

They've been prepping this car for tonight's NASCAR retro series on the paved short track.

Some hot foot is coming in from Nebraska to drive it. They say he's a wild man behind the wheel. A real MONSTER of the motorspeedway, Bumpin Bob Zilla!

Yes, we learned a lot by coming out here to see how the big boys do it, from tuning with an electronic computer thing to track maintenance, to upholstery, we saw how far behind we really are.

I got a chance to talk with Matt, the shop foreman.

The conversation went a little like this.....

Sparky- So, Matt, how did ya'll get this shop started? I mean, how do you get started doing something like this?

Matt - Well, we started many years ago and kinda grew with the sport.

Sparky- Huh, does all the money come from to do all this?

Matt - Ummm, our sponsors take pretty good care of us.

Sparky- How do I get a sponsor like yours?

Matt - Well, ours is taken.

Sparky- I mean, how would I go abouts gettin one.

Matt - First you have to be good at building cars,..... Sparky.

Al - Hey, your Coke machine took my quarters!

Matt - I'll get you one, in the meantime, would you please refer to the machine as a "Pepsi" machine? (to Sparky) We have a deal with Pepsi.

Sparky- Hang on, I'm just soakin this all in. Ya'll got any Ice Tea?

Matt - We have Lipton in the machine.

Al - Hey, what's this?!

Matt - That? Oh, ......that's the money we could be saving with GEICO. (to Sparky) We've got a deal with Nationwide though.

Sparky- So, how do you keep this floor so clean? Have you got, what, a robot to go around sweepin or something? Hahaha.....

Matt - Uh,.... Yeah, we do.... actually.

Anyways, we got to the track and I was able to snap a couple of shots of my hero in practice for the big race on Sunday...

Our race is a preliminary event to the a preliminary event, so we ran on the short oval. Well, we went to the race that night and it was awesome. What a facility. I would have been glad to tune up and help out with the car, but Matt said there was some sort of rule about Texans in the infield or something like that. We still had a good time and a good view from the stands. It turned out to be a three car duel at the end. Hamilton Peters, led Isaac Bobbies and Bob Zilla from the half way point of the race.

Lap after lap the 40 car led the field, but man, what a finish!

ON THE LAST LAP, Isaac Bobbies dives below Hamilton Peters to take the lead!

Bob Zilla tries to follow, but loses traction, and slams into the wall!

Emergency vehicles were immediately dispatched!

Bob was then rushed to an infield Hooters restaurant, where he was treated to some wings, fries, and true to his sponsor, a Pepsi.

Isaac Bobbies walked away with the victory.

After the race, Hilltop crew chief Matt Lockersby said, "That's racin'."

The next day they were lining up for the Busch race.

They were having a swap meet outside of the track!

Me and Al happened upon a car that was interesting. The price was right, and Al had to have it!

So, we rented a trailer and loaded it up for the trip home. It was all quite a memorable experience. I'll never forget it. We are dropping the car at my shop until Al tells his wife about it.

I'm sure she'll understand when she sees what a beauty is!!!

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