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Sorta New Equipment

Sorry about the mess guys, but when your running your own operation, with little or no help, stuff starts to stack up.

I think i have found some solutions to give me a extra hand this year.

Old man Harold made me a deal on this old Komatsu forklift. It's still in good shape cause he kept it up. He went out and got some fancy new lift that takes up less space in his go kart shop. Despite all you hear about the bad economy, he seems to be doing good. Of course, all that retirement from his job and the military doesn't hurt.

This is gonna make pulling motors a whole lot easier!

This hopped up John Deere is going to make the yard work go by real fast. At least, thats the point of it. Big Al landed the motor for me out of some big rig. It's not really chrome. I sprayed it with some Al-Clad.

It cleaned up real nice though.

All this extra horsepower is gonna make this year a little easier.

I'm cleaning out my shop to get ready for my projects for the upcoming swap meet.

Maybe ya'll can come over sometime and help me work on some stuff.

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